Grandmaster Pavel Maletin wins a rapid side event

166 players from Russia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Israel, Italy, Estonia, and Syria participated in the tournament
On Saturday, December 29, an open rapid tournament was organized in the Manege Central Exhibition Hall. The prize fun was 160,000 roubles. The event was a 9-round Swiss with 10'+2'' time control. Four grandmasters were among the participants, and one of them won the event – Pavel Maletin (Russia) collected 8 points. Sergey Zagrebelny (Uzbekistan) was second with 7.5 points, IM Miroslav Vlasenko (Russia) also collected 7.5 points, but finished third to inferior tie-break.
The answers to the questions published yesterday: The answers to the questions published yesterday:
1. Name the players and the year of the only World Championship match in the post-World War Two history, the score of which was at some point 6-0.

Kasparov-Short 1993

2. Who was the Treasurer of British Chess Federation in 1927?

Frederick Hamilton Russell

3. Which World Champions except Fischer did not participate in any international tournaments during their reign?

William Steinitz and Vassily Smyslov

4. Which Candidate Master was one victory short of winning the USSR Championship?

Efim Geller in 1949

5. You surely are familiar with the "light square symphony" game played by Karpov in 1985, when he utilized weak light squares in Kasparov's camp and won a spectacular game. Name the best known example of a candidate knocked out from the championship cycle because of poor bet on a dark square.

A quarterfinal match Smyslov-Huebner (1983) ended in a draw, 7-7, and the winner was decided on a roulette. Huebner placed a bet on black... and was wrong.
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