Children blitz tournament and puzzle solving contest carried out in the Manege

Side events keep going at the World Rapid and Blitz Championship
The children blitz tournament with prizes from Yandex took place in the Manege Exhibition Hall on Thursday, December 27, as a side event at the World Rapid and Blitz Championship. 118 players under 14 from a number of Russian regions and even Italy took part in the tournament. Nikita Shemyakinsky took the first place with 8 out of 9. Vladislav Kundyanok finished second with 7.5 points, Nazar Poznyak was third with 7 points.
On the same day, the three-time World Composition Champion Oleg Pervakov carried out a puzzle solving contest. The knock-out format was implemented for the competition. Sofia Mutima (born on 2009) won the main prize. Gleb Kasintsov (2009) was second. Miron Trofimov (2010) and Gleb Anikin (2009) became semifinalists. The winners will receive prizes from Oleg Pervakov and Yandex.
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