Famous organizer and arbiter Alexander Bakh is a Chairman of the Appeals Committee of the Championship

Two other Committee members are grandmasters Lev Psakhis and Artur Yusupov
The Appeals Committee of the World Rapid and Blitz Championship has been formed. It consists of IA Alexander Bakh (Chairman), grandmaster Lev Psakhis (Israel), and grandmaster Artur Yusupov (Germany).
Power and authority of the Appeals Committee are described in paragraph 4.13 of the Championship Regulations. All the appeals must be filed no later than 15 minutes after the playing session that caused the appeal and be accompanied by a $500 (or its equivalent in local currency) deposit. The deposit is returned upon the appeal's acceptance. If the appeal is rejected, the deposit can be transferred to FIDE accounts.
We wish all the participants fair competition without any incidents leading to appeals!
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