December 25 - December 31 / St. Petersburg 2018
The departure transfers will be arranged for those who have requested it.

Here is the list with the information on the departures that you have provided to the Organizers.
Please check carefully and, if needed, correct the time or date by sending an e-mail to: , Mr. Daniil Nedostup.

  • Transfers Hotel-Airport will depart THREE HOURS BEFORE THE FLIGHT.
  • Transfers Hotel-Railway Station will depart TWO HOURS BEFORE THE TRAIN.

The volunteers and/or transfers with WRBCC logo will be waiting for you at the reception/at the main entrance.

Those participants who are provided with the transfer by the Organizers and those who have already paid for their transfers are highlighted in yellow.

Those participants who have not paid for their transfers yet, can pay for them on December, 27-29 from 14:00 to 16:00 in Manege (Accreditation Booth).

If you have requested a transfer and are not on the list, kindly resend your request to the following e-mail as soon as possible: , Mr. Daniil Nedostup.

Transfers (additional)

Those participants who do not stay in the official hotels (AZIMUT HOTEL SAINT-PETERSBURG 4* and ANGLETERRE HOTEL 5*) can book transfers via the following taxi services:
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